• Tutoring and Educational Support

    Tutoring Pre-K -5th Grade

    Our education specialists work with tutors and teachers to make sure that the student is making progress and that their learning is on track. Our tutors are equipped to tutor grades pre-k through 5th grade in all subjects. Our educational specialists help to create a plan for the tutor to follow as well as doing learning evaluations and communicating with teachers and parents on the students progress.

    Special Needs Tutoring

    Our special needs tutors can help teach daily living skills, social skills, and give extra support to students who require it. Our tutors our trained in behavior management techniques.

  • Reading

    Reading tutoring focuses on fluency and comprehension. Tutors provide support for students from beginner reader to 5th grade.


    Writing tutoring provides support for students just starting with letter recognition and creation to sentence structure and beyond.


    Personalized math tutoring provides support for students learning simple concepts to more complex skills.

    Virtual Learning

    Our tutors provide virtual learning support during class as well as homework support outside of class meeting times. Our educational specialists communicate with teachers and parents to make sure your student stays on track.

  • Request a Tutor

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